Monday, March 28, 2016

Off to college...

It is so surreal to think my baby has graduated. It was only moments ago that we brought the most precious little boy home with us after 8 agonizing days in the Candler neonatal intensive-care unit. I made his Mimi stay with us the first couple nights because I had no idea what to do. His daddy held him night and day. We were totally amazed at this little miracle and blessed beyond measure that God had given him to us. We watched him as he progressed through so many milestones of smiling, crawling, walking, talking, and developing his own personality. 

Before we knew it, he was entering Pre-K. I was devastated when he walked right in and didn't cry for me. Well, that didn't last long. Mrs. Brown had to peel him off his Daddy every day after that and run after him as he chased his Daddy down the hall a few times. In a blink he was entering Kindergarten and exhausted after a long day of hard work. Miss Bowling was great for him. Then Mrs. Hellgren spoiled him rotten. Which of course, Mrs. Fennell kept up the tradition. He had to grow up in third grade with Mrs. Glandon, as she reigned in his silliness. Oh gracious, then Mr. Wasdin. Oh that year about killed both of us, but he matured and learned so much that year! Then he was off to Tattnall County and I didn't get to see him everyday. That was extremely hard to adjust to, but we were blessed with great teachers to help us get through the transition.

At times it's been a challenge having an introvert as a son. But, he is so smart. Has the most giving heart. Has developed such a dry sense of humor. Has a thick streak of sarcasm that runs through him (not sure where he got that from). Has an easy smile that warms this Mama's heart. 

This past year has flown by! His internship at the TCSO has been awesome for him. I know Trace has enjoyed working with him and watching him grow. It has been an experience that neither are soon to forget. We are so grateful to Sheriff Rush for the opportunity and to Chief Deputy Smiley for mentoring him this past year.

Believe me, he is his own person. Trace and I often joke that we might have the wrong kid. Even though he looks just like his Daddy, his Daddy swears he is me made over. So, he has to be just about perfect! 😂🙄😳

But the time has come way to fast. I look at him and still see the little boy that stole my heart almost 18 years ago. I blink and see the independent, sturdy, deliberately silent, gun loving, truck washing, witty young man he has grown into. I know my kid isn't perfect and never will be, but I'm proud of who he is and that he shapes his future. 

Tracy and I thank each and everyone of you that have called, texted, messaged, prayed and sent Matthew a graduation gift. We are blessed to have such a great group of friends! 

Trace and I shed no tears as we mark this milestone. We are too excited to see where he will go from here and how God will use his life to better His kingdom. There are no words to express the love and pride we have for our son, Matthew.

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