Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I can only speak for me...

I know this is going to make people mad or think I'm just crazy, but this blanketed blame of individuals is getting out of hand…

I think people need to stop and think about this whole situation.  There is a huge difference between "accidentally leaving a child in the car" and the intentional "accidental leaving a child in the car".  It is highly conceivable someone could forget.  

For example, when they are already running late for work, fighting traffic, going over meetings in their head and not the usual parent that drops the child off at daycare.  This is an accident.  A horrible, terrible, tragic ACCIDENT.  It is only by the Grace of God that I haven't done something so awful in my life.  My attention span is usually 1.2 seconds.  I find myself pulling into the parking lot at school and having no idea how I got there.  Well, I know I drove from Mendes to Hinesvilles by way of Hwy 196, but that's about all I could tell you some days.

But, strapping your child in and "forgetting them", only so you can find them later.  This is murder.

I love my son unconditional and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt him.  However, I can't say that I will never cause him harm accidentally.

Huge difference!  God's Grace helps me every day!

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