Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Me 'ol my...

When I'm fussing about something Matthew has done or said, Trace likes to chime in that he is just like me.  Not sure that I want to agree, but it is the plain truth of the matter.  He looks like a Sands, but acts like a Hill.  He has about mastered the sarcasm trait that runs deep through me.  He has a quick whit that isn't all that funny to anyone other than himself.  His sense of humor mirrors mine.  He gives you that cute little grin when he knows he's gone too far.  Looks are not the only thing he shares with his daddy though.  He is slow to anger, forgives easily, has a strong sense of right and wrong with energy to spare.

He is our son and we love him without question.  He makes us proud when he stands up for what he believes is right, but he will also speak up when he's not in agreement. He could try a little harder at school and bring home a little better grades, but he manages to keep As with an occasional B.  He spends way too much time on video games and locks himself in his room for hours.  When he takes a break, he loves to be outside, riding or shooting something.  Everyday we learn a little something new about him and catch a glimpse of the man he will become. 

Although Lincoln has only been with us for little over a year, he believes he is Lord of the Manor.  Which is probably closer to the truth than we want to admit (in public anyway).  He has the sweetest temperament and LOVES his Mama!  

Today I spent some time experimenting with the portrait setting on my camera and trying to duplicate the results in manual.  Hummmmm... all I can say is much more practice will be needed.  I get ISO (sensitivity to light) and shutter speed (the amount of time the shutter is open) isn't giving me as much trouble, but APERTURE (the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken / focal ratio) is causing me to consider hair color.  I understand the principals behind this setting, but I'm losing something when putting it into practice.  KILLING.ME.

Let's see what tomorrow brings... 

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