Monday, October 14, 2013


This blog was meant to be so much more.  A place of recorded memories, a place of shared stories, a place of growth, a place where a son could see his life through his Mama and Daddy's eyes... But, it hasn't been that for a long while now.  I'm going to make a point of being here more often.  Telling stories.  Sharing successes and pondering failures.  Today is that day...

Tracy has so many roles of responsibility in his life.  Father, son, husband, brother, police officer, friend, uncle, employee, just to begin with... But, for me and my house, he is a provider.  He provides for our basic needs.  He provides for our spiritual needs.  He provided for financial needs.  He provides for any and everything that we bring to him.  

He is such a good man with a loving heart.  He is the only thought that comes to me when I need something, for I know I can count on him.  He is my husband, friend and my honey.  I am blessed beyond reason!   I will return with more about life and how God shapes our days.

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