Thursday, April 26, 2012

We asked for it...

and we got it!  We've always said we wished Matthew would come out of his shell.  Well, after 3 office visits this year we are desperately trying to put him back into that shell.

Yesterday he was called up to the office because someone had written a "bad" note and then someone said it was Matthew.  So, Matthew is being questioned by the administration about his involvement in the letter writing.  I stopped him at this point and asked if he was nervous or upset, to which he replied, "NO!  I hadn't done anything so I didn't have anything to worry about."  So he goes on to tell me what the principal said and what he said.  The conversation ended and he was sent back to class when he told them, "My Daddy is a detective and I can get this note fingerprinted if we need to.  We can go all forensic on this junk."  

Okay, once again, he is his Daddy's son!

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Tracy said...

I wasn't expecting that..... how funny!! :)

jrae83 said...

Oh my word! Hilarious! :)

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