Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who burns...

microwave bacon?  
ME, that's who!  I would tell you the whole story, but who really cares?  Trace said he needed a picture (most likely as payback for a camera being shoved in his face every day).  So, here you go babe.  All this really proves is that I shouldn't be in the kitchen... it's not safe (seeing how I almost set off the smoke detectors).  But, my pancakes were off the chain (Watkins vanilla and a little sugar is the trick).

I have an ongoing Honey-Do list (what wife doesn't, right?)... Well, one of my pet peeves is hangers all over the counter in the laundry room.  I guess another pet peeve would be piles of clothes all over the place.  Granted I don't have a clothesline and only 1 child, but seems I do laundry every single day.  As soon as the dryer goes off, the clothes come out, on to hangers and to the closet (especially since I still don't have bedroom furniture after 10 years in this house).  So, that is why there is always hangers everywhere in there... I decided to do something about it yesterday and bought a dowel rod.  I wanted Trace to hang it under the cabinet for the hangers.  He looked at me like I was crazy and told me that would be mighty tacky (as if we live in a mansion with a butler and maids).  Then he suggested getting a towel rod.  Guess what he came home with today AND put up?
Yes, that is a basket in the sink.  Okay, so I don't put EVERYTHING right up.  Socks and undies go right there until needed (or until they get folded every couple months).  Geesh, did you really think I was that good?  Didn't you just read that I burn microwave bacon!

A couple of funnies...
As the news was playing (and me ignoring it), Trace asked if I felt the earthquake today.  Huh?  While I was still trying to figure out what he was talking about Matthew said, "Well, I did have a little gas in PE today and bumped into the bleachers, but that was about it."  Good gracious.  

When I told the hubby about the other projects I had for him to do he told me to "stay off Pinterest"! 

Lastly, he told me he found out how to make money off Facebook.  Oh yes, I could be the next millionaire.  I know you want to know the secret too!  Go ahead and admit it!  So he continues, "Go to account settings.  Click deactivate account.  Then go your a$$ to work."  Yes, I do believe he read that somewhere else.  

Yep, the Sands family is a barrel of laughs!

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