Saturday, December 24, 2011


I haven't been the wife or mother I needed to be over the last month or so.  I have been ill and short-tempered.  Tired and moody.  Hateful and mean.  I have no idea what has come over me, but I can feel it creeping in all around me all the time.  I really shouldn't say I don't know because I do know.  It is pure and simple Satin's way of destroying the Light in our marriage.  I need to use Catherine's words to Caleb in hopes of expressing how I feel about my husband and what I am committed to.  

"If I haven't told you that you are a GOOD man, you are.  If I haven't asked for your FORGIVENESS, I am.  If I haven't told you that I LOVE you, I do."

Once I find who I loaded my book to, I'm going to start on fireproofing my love for you.  On second thought, I am going to simply buy another book so that I can start now on getting our marriage back to where it has always been.  I am sorry for being so contrary over the last few days, weeks and months. 

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