Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's the most…

...wonderful time of the year!  I do love Christmas, but I’m not one of those that decorate fanatically. I’m good to get a tree and stockings up.  Some years I even go all out with a manger scene, snowmen and table trees (but not often).

Trace pulled everything down out of the attic Friday and doctored the lights.  Then yesterday I started decorating.  It takes me awhile because I am not one of those people that has “the eye” for such things.  But, I think it turned out quite nicely even though I had 3 containers of ornaments left over.  Go figure.
This is the third year we’ve had a color themed tree.  Before we used the tree I bought the summer before we married and ornaments that were collected along the way.  We also started collecting Hallmark ornaments the year Matthew was born.  We would buy two, one for our tree and one to save for when Matthew gets married.  Then someone told me how cheesy it was, almost causing me to stop.  I’m glad I didn’t listen.  Of course now Matthew picks them out and puts one on his tree and we store the other.  I kept a few of the more sentimental ornaments that matched our new tree.
I always thought you had to spend big money to get a really pretty tree.  Not the case!  Most of mine were extremely cheap, but look great just the same. 

Trace was very skeptical when I purchased a couple HUGE ornaments, but they have become some of our favorites!


I hope everyone takes a moment to remember the reason we actually have a Christmas season.  When making memories this holiday season, start a tradition of you sharing the story of Jesus’ birth, the Magi, the star, King Herod, all of it.

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Cristan said...

Girl, I love Hallmark ornaments. My mom bought one each year for my brother and I ever since we were little, and when I got married I got all mine! I love putting them on the tree. They each have a story to tell. I buy one each year for Braden and Ella and I hope that one day they will use them on their tree too! Love your tree!! :)

Mom of the Hillians said...

And why do you think you don't have an eye for decorating your tree?! I think it looks beautiful! Just think, I didn't even have to do it for ya!

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