Monday, November 21, 2011

Tree of Life…

I was so excited to receive my stocking stuffer today in the mail…


I saw the most beautiful pendant on my dear friend Sallie’s Facebook page.  I was so excited to discover she makes custom jewelry!


I ordered (ummm…I mean Santa made) a Tree of Life pendantSallie designs one of a kind pieces that are certain to become family heirlooms.  She used our birthstones and anniversary (my birthday and anniversary happen to be in the same month) to construct my pendant.


The pictures do not do Sallie’s masterpiece justice.  It is not only unique but a work of art that I will forever treasure.


I hope Santa doesn’t make me wait for this little treat!  I can’t imagine any mother, bride, grandmother, gIrL who would not simply love this little nugget!!! Your very on unique piece is waiting on you to contact Sallie!


On top of that special surprise, the head honcho from White Pines Meals on Wheels delivered us dinner tonight.  How super sweet was it of Tara to bring us tacos (with all the trimmings)?  Tacos you ask… Tara decided on the menu based on the fact of it being Matthew’s favorite food.  In my book, doing something sweet makes you a friend; but doing something this thoughtful makes you a friend for life!  Sweet Susan N. rounded out the meal with brownies.  Let me just tell you the brownies were still warm.  Anyone who knows me knows what that means…yep, I had brownies first!


Now how cute is this little Señorita?

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