Sunday, September 4, 2011

God’s Knot

I have learned many things in the last 18 years as your wife.  I’ve learned you like your tea with sugar, but not too sweet.  I’ve learned you can show compassion, but not be weak.  I’ve learned you are devoted to the people you love.  I’ve learned you will not compromise your beliefs.  I’ve learned your word is your bond.  I’ve learned you can be counted upon and trusted.  I’ve learned you can never turn down a good steak.  I’ve learned fatherhood is a role you will forever be committed to.  I’ve learned you prefer iced lattes to coffee.  I’ve learned breakfast is not your most important meal of the day.  I’ve learned you are a man not ashamed to admit being a son of the King.  I’ve learned you don’t see a lot of room for gray.  I’ve learned your favorite color is blue.  I’ve learned you can’t just sit around.  I’ve learned you have a strong work ethic.  I’ve learned you don’t tolerate disrespect towards women.  I’ve learned you are a great role model for Matthew.  I’ve learned I can depend on you for anything.  I’ve learned you have a dry sense of humor.  I’ve learned you don’t expect dinner on the table when you get home.  I’ve learned you feel housework should be shared.  I’ve learned you love to be around water.  I’ve learned a gun is always a great present.  I’ve learned my dress size does not change how you look at me.  I’ve learned you are humble, with a sprinkling of cockiness.  I’ve learned how much I mean to you.  I’ve learned you will always pick up the pieces.  I’ve learned you don’t like for me to be upset.  I’ve learned you will apologize when I can’t.  I’ve learned you will always put our family first.  I’ve learned you like to read your Bible early in the morning quite.  I’ve learned you will never turn your clothes right side out.  I’ve learned all I have to do is ask.  I’ve learned no matter the place or time, you will standup for me.  I’ve learned you will always try to do the right thing.  I’ve learned being a father means more to you than having someone call you Daddy.  I’ve learned it is okay for me to have meltdowns.  I’ve learned Coke, not Pepsi.  I’ve learned that phone calls end with “I love you!”  I’ve learned you listen to what I have to say.  I’ve learned you can’t cut hair.  I’ve learned you will drop every thing to help me.  I’ve learned you are faithful and true.

Of all the things I’ve learned, the most important is knowing our past, present and future was destined from our Lord Jesus.  God’s knot helps us to stay true to our love, to depend on each other and grow closer in the people God expects us to be.

In our life together, I’ve learned countless things about you.  As I look towards our next 18 years, I certainly hope I discover even more about the great man I share my life with.  I treasure the sunshine and the rain.  Through our rain, I am able to appreciate our sunshine.  Plus, I’ve learned you will always have an umbrella for me! 
Picture provided by Matthew Sands

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292 said...

Thanks for 18 wonderful years and the many more to come. Love you!

sfennell said...

Lissa, You have such a way with words girl..another one of your beautiful gifts. Congratulations to you both!

Tracy said...

That's great! Happy Anniversary!

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