Monday, June 27, 2011

Vā’kā & Road Signs

There is something about being in the mountains that really make us feel closer to God.  I’m sure this feeling comes from a combination of many things… being so high up, the absolute beauty of the environment, air that is so clean and fresh…

However, road signs can also make you feel closer to God.  Yes, road signs; as in, praying I make it around this curve!


Watching the GPS was also a form of entertainment. Some roads were so curvy and wild that the GPS couldn’t even establish if we were actually on a road at all…


Then some of the signs were just hilarious!


The accident investigation sign had us rolling!  You would see the sign, but no where to pull over for a mile or so.  I’m guessing if there was an accident, you wouldn’t actually need the “site” anyway.  Scair-ree!

Matthew absolutely hated seeing this sign…


This one just cracked me up!  I’m thinking camping is unequivocally, positively not for me!IMG_3715

Tracy got a kick out of this restaurant every time we rode by…IMG_4004

Well, it is pretty dang fun-nay!

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