Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In love…

Heather does the most awesome work and I am so thankful she had time to do my family.  The only drawback to this experience was I had to be in the pictures.  LOL!  I hate pictures with me in them.  Getting fat will do that to you. 

But I would love for you to see just how cute my boys are… or at least I think they are...  I would get Heather to take ours every time she comes home, but just getting the guys to participate is a whole other question.  Actually, I would like to have entire family pictures, which we haven’t done since 2007 on Sapelo.  Guess it’s time.  All babies have arrived in our family, so unless God’s sense of humor decides to knock someone in the Hill, Sands, Maund or Mobley extended families over  the head {hint, hint}, we should be good in getting a family shot.  Heather, you need to get me some package options and prices. 

Heather said I could share them, so without further ado. Just visit her client section and use melissa as the password:


If you are not redirected after clicking the above image, use the URL below to be taken to our album.

Now just trying to decide which ones I want and the sizes….

Heather comes home close to a 1/2 doz times and works her magic.  If you are interested, send her an email  at or join HRH Photography on FB. Get put on her mailing list and quickly find out when she will be in the area.  Her website has many options, ideas and prices. 

Y’all know how cheap I am, so my doing this leads to reason it HAS to be worth your time and money.  You get so much more than someone just showing up and taking a few snaps. 

  1. at location on time
  2. available to ask questions (answered several for me in a timely manner)
  3. Will get 8 – 12 edited files and several printed pictures
  4. Also, all pictures from the session can be purchased for a $25  (awesome deal)
  5. fast turn around
  6. may order additional prints
  7. can e-share the video of the session
  8. Now, which ones do I want… hum… I’m thing all!  Smile

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