Friday, April 15, 2011

Little blessings...

I got the sweetest gift and card from Matthew’s class for the little treats we have been sending for CRCT week.  Wednesday Matthew decided they really, really needed pizza as an end of test celebratory lunch.  Thanks to Aunt Amy’s delivery service they were able to enjoy that pizza lunch after all.  Mrs. Sittle is just awesome!


I’m not really sure just how it happened, but a whole other child is living inside my son’s body.  This new boy is the sweetest thing ever and is such a pleasure just to be around, much like how he was as a toddler… free with his hugs, smiles and laughs.  The first day I was waiting for him to hit me up for something.  The second day I was wondering what he had done and just how bad could it be.  By the time the third day rolled around, I was wondering how long before the other shoe would drop and dreading the loss of my new little conversationalist.  Well now, now I’m just spending every minute I can with this new little personality and trying to soak up all the love he is offering!  I don’t know how long my son is going to be possessed, but I certainly am going to take advantage of the sweetness he is oozing, until the preteen monster returns.  

Yeah, he thinks he’s fun-nay.  When asked for a little cheese before he started gaming, this is his smartie, smart reply.  But, hey, a picture opportunity none the less (camera phone and all)!


When the CRCT is even mentioned…


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