Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another season comes to an end…

I thought Trace had already made this blog post, but NOT, so I guess I will (b/c I know you are all suffering by not knowing what is going on over at the SandsHills). 

Matthew has always gone hurting with Tracy since he was a little thing.  We are talking about a family (humph hmh, a father) who stopped to buy a gun on the way home from the hospital!  But, Matthew isn’t very patient, nor able to control the squirms very well.  Up to this year, it was just time spent killing, ugh, nothing.

This year was filled with excitement while the trips were planned, and Matthew was able to sit still and be quiet (hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah).  But as things normally go, they didn’t go very often because of Trace’s work schedule.  However, a hunt was scheduled for the last day for the season.  Matthew was back and forth on his decision to go.  He finally got ready and headed out the door with his Daddy.

The hunt was coming to a close and Matthew was starting to feel anxious.  But, about dark-thirty, he was able to pull it out with not one, but two kills.  I think Trace was more excited about the shots than Matthew!  He brought two does home to Mama!

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Getting ready…


Setting up for the shot…

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One walks out…

Untitled 0 00 12-15_thumb[1]

Fire (notice the gun powder)

Untitled 0 00 17-14_thumb[1]

And that is a first kill!


Thinking he’s not going to clean these…


Not the biggest does you’ll see, but a wonderful addition to our freezer. 
A lot can be said about pulling one out in the eleventh hour!

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Julie said...

Great shot Matthew! We've got several packs of deer meat in the freezer but for some reason, I can't cook it anymore~ used to love it! Great action shots!

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