Friday, December 17, 2010

Southern charm...

I had such a great visit with Jennifer and Jena today.  Of course I never pass up an opportunity for some snaps!  Jena was such a great sport to let me take some pictures of her!  She is a natural beauty (sure she gets that from her mama) and has that good ‘ol southern charm! 








For those of you that know the Brown family, I think you will have to agree that Jena is a perfect combination of Jennifer and Stephen.  However, she is looking more and more like Jennifer as she grows up!  Nothing but style and grace!  I look forward to seeing them again really, really soon! 

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HB Deal said...

What a beautiful girl! These pictures are absolutely to die for. Love them all. As usual, Melissa did it AGAIN! YOU KILL ME. You are blessed with such talent. She has always looked so much like Steven. I see some Jennifer coming out too.

So, I am loving the braces picture. ;)

KRZeigler said...

Yes!!! Jena looks more and more like Jennifer!

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