Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas visit...

Matthew and I had a wonderful treat today when Macy and Susan showed up with a cheesecake.  Let me just tell you Christmas just isn’t complete without a Fennell cheesecake.  Yum to the yum!  Here are a few pics I grabbed of little Miss…






Well, I’m calling it a night so that Santa can bring a little joy to a certain young man.  I hope everyone’s Christmas eve has been merry and bright! 

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KRZeigler said...

We got a cheesecake too on Tuesday and it was delicious!!! Great pics of Macy Lou!

sfennell said...

Aunt Lissa, You are truely the BEST! I'm glad you all enjoyed my cheesecake. I'm glad I can still make my little man smile. No matter how big he gets, he will still be my favorite student and I will picture him in his little seat with those hands busy at work....inside his DESK!

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