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Homicide Investigator

Trace sent this to me, so I thought I would share… gives a small glimpse into his world…

In the wake of several high profile mass murder cases with two in particular that have just ended with trial/sentencing having two very different outcomes, I wanted to recognize HOMICIDE DETECTIVES…

"No greater honor will ever be bestowed on an Officer or a more profound duty imposed on him than when he is entrusted with the investigation of the death of a human being. It is his duty to find the facts, regardless of color or creed, without prejudice and to let no power on earth deter him from presenting these facts to the court without regard to personality." ~Anonymous~

HOMICIDE: Life on their beat ... Whether sleeping, out to supper, playing with family or working another case, when that call comes in, the Homicide Detective will drop everything and head out to the scene. These men and women come face to face with death, killers and loved ones left behind on an almost daily basis. It is why they are there. It is what they do. They will stand up for the murdered and will fight for justice with Courage, Compassion and Commitment.

But let me tell you this. It takes a very special soul to be able to work this unit. To be faced with mortality and the atrocities befallen upon another human being is no easy thing to cope with. The images burned into their minds and yet they must separate their emotions in order to keep clear thoughts so they may find the truths. But the first and arguably the most difficult part of this assignment is knocking on the door to the slain's family and having to look them in the eye to tell them their loved one will never again return home.

Now take just one moment, close your eyes and picture yourself looking across to someone you know and saying to them "I am sorry Sir, but your child has been killed." Now, try doing this all the while keeping your composure.

When you pile on reluctant witnesses, angry family members, unending wait times for forensic results on top of false leads, uncooperative suspects and bureaucratic red tape coupled with time constraints due to budget cuts, the truth is often extremely difficult to achieve. And then they must prove it in a court of law. But with the immeasurable Patience, Persistence and Perseverance of this incredible investigators, eventually, everything will fall into place. An arrest will be made. But the case does not end there ...

Then after all that painstaking work, they must wait. And wait. And wait. Court hearings of arguments to be made. Again and again. Years can go by before the case goes to trial. Then they are called to the stand and after several grueling days of having to explain their actions step by step in a way that a jury can grasp it, the very next moment there is someone else, some "expert" telling that same jury that the Detective is wrong. Of course these are the folks that have never even been to a crime scene but hey, the defendant has his rights too ... correct? So now the Detective has to sit back and sometimes begins to second-guess his work. The instincts that he has trusted for so very long are now scrutinized by his own mind. "Did I do enough?"

Then after days, sometimes weeks of testimony and the introduction of the evidence, at times overwhelming and other times very scant, the jury receives the case to deliberate. Now more waiting. More time to think. All the while the images of the victims dance around in their heads. The cold black eyes of the killer staring back at them. And they wait.

In the two cases I mentioned at the top of this story there were two mass killings and both involved children who had been brutally stabbed to death among other victims. Both killers were found guilty. The jury spared the life of one and sentenced the other to death. In both cases, however, no justice would have been imposed if not for the relentless pursuit of the Homicide Detectives. Of course, there are many others who deserve as much credit also ... the forensic techs, the investigators from the prosecutors office, the coroner who is the victims' voices, the jury, the witnesses, Prosecutors, Doctors and Judges. In one case, the true Heroes were two very young boys who survived one of the attacks and had the courage to face their assailant, who also happened to be a family member.

What I want to remind everyone is this ... this is not some cop show you see on the television set at night. These cases are not solved and tried in an hour. One case will sit with the Detective for years even after all is said and done. These amazing individuals do what they do because they were chosen by Him for what they have inside. They do this not for any outside recognition or some piece of paper that has their name on it. They do this because no others can or will. Could you? Would you? I want you all also to know that this is a very short story about what the Homicide Detective actually goes through. There are so many other details but I hope this gives everyone an idea and a better appreciation of these fine Brothers and Sisters. My hope is that those who do this work are able to find the healthy outlets they need to carry on and continue their calling. I Salute you all.

Now as the majority of members here are LEOS and FLEOS themselves and work in the many different units an agency has, I would like to personally say to you, to my Brothers and Sisters, that much of what is said here also applies to you all and that it is with my utmost gratitude for the work you do. I have had the pleasure of working along side the local, county, state and other federal Officers and Agents my entire career and I will always consider them, YOU, all of MY Heroes.

A very special acknowledgement to the Memphis, Tennessee Homicide Unit who have just concluded by the sentence of death x5 in the worst mass-murder in their Department's history. JOB WELL DONE.

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Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

So glad there are TS's among us. They are gifts from heaven. I surely know that I could not do his job and am so glad that our Heavenly Father equipped him to be the Man he is.


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