Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another season begins...

DeerSeasonDeerSeason3 DeerSeason2

HA, and it continues with the looks Matthew gives me!  I’ve given up trying to get him to stop with the death stares… I would be there all day and would probably end up with the same exact shot. 

We are home this weekend after our plans changed a million times, but opening day of deer season won out over Gatlinburg, Wild Adventures and a judo tournament.  I must confess that I am happy with the outcome since this was the weekend that my house was getting cleaned (which I found out about by happenchance)… I certainly would have hated to have missed my weekend (another month and we might have been forced to check into a hotel).  I just can’t figure out how two adults and one child make so much mess (well, between you and me, it’s really the two boys that are so messy)!

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Mom of the Hillians said...

I get those death looks from Lukey, and they look EXACTLY like Matthew!
Have a blessed week!
Love you!

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