Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nothing but a bruised ego...

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Well, Matthew isn’t still hanging upside down with gas leaking down on him.  Oh my goodness.  Boys.  Never a dull moment.  No, he wasn’t hurt.  All seat belted in… just worried his mama was going to yell at him for crashing into yet AnOtHEr pine tree.  He was trying to “sling it a’round” and ran out of road.  We may not have any trees standing by the time this boy goes off to college.  But, he is a keeper! 

The sun was setting when he came busting into the house to get me.  So, off we go in the car for what I thought was going to be a horrible discovery.  HA.  We jumped in the car and went to the back of the yard, right to the edge of the field.  And of course nothing could be done until I sent him running back to the house for the camera.  Fun-nay (to me anyway, aggravating to him).  His daddy wasn’t home, so you should have seen Matthew and I trying to get his go-cart turned right side up.  Mission accomplished.  Nothing left to do but check for bruises and blog about it (of course)!  LOL! 

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