Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday ♥ Letters…


I truly believe that small moments do shape our very lives.  For instance, in those few minutes when your Daddy asked me to spend the rest of our lives together and my answering yes…  our lives where molded.  The terrible phone call about your Daddy breaking his back… our lives were molded.  In the couple of minutes it took the doctor to tell us you were on the way… our lives were molded.  After you were born and the doctors told us they didn’t know what was wrong, our lives molded.  Sending you off to kindergarten certainly changed life for us.  With each hug and kiss… our lives are molded.  With every angry word… out lives are molded.  Many, many events shape and change our lives forever; just as the way we react to these moments, defiantly influences the mold.

Meme passing away was not a small moment, by any means.  But when you look at that time in the grand scheme of life, the passing of someone is truly only a moment in time.  One moment you had a Meme and I a mother, and the next she was gone.  In that moment our lives changed forever.  You would not get to grow up feeling the love she had for you.  You missed out on all those hugs and kisses.  You missed out on all the sleepovers.  You missed out on all the little things grandmas do to spoil you rotten.  Yes, life forever changed.  But, memories shared with you about your Meme, I hope, will change your life as well!

You are so loved my sweet boy, and that will mold your life forever too!

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Goin_Coastal said...

I SO needed that. Having a difficult evening at the Mobley's, and you know... it just doesn't matter in the grand sceme of things... Shaping the mold. Let it go, pray and trust that God will make it all okay ~ Thanks!

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