Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday ♥ Letters...

Like everyone else, we live for the weekends around here.  After Daddy and I have worked all week, we look forward to a little downtime on Saturdays.  Of course, that differs for all of us.

You usually want to play your game ALL day, Daddy finds something outside to keep him busy, and I love to spend the day in my PJs reading.  Sometimes you guys head out to Jones Mountain for a little paintball'n or take care of some of the chores around the house.  On Sundays we head off to church (if we don't oversleep... ahhhhh) and then usually do something together (4-wheeler riding, watch a movie, Wii bowling, etc.); but, now that it is getting warmer I'm sure most of the time will be spent hanging out at the pool.  No matter how the time is spent, my philosophy is a bad weekend is always better than a good day at work!  LOL!

But, what I love most about weekends is YOU.  Being with you, watching you, learning from and about you, loving you, fussing at you, picking up after you... just enjoying the day in, day out privilege of being your Mom!

Friday Love Letters

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tara said...

Love it!! :) I may just have to do this sometime...thanks for sharing! :)

Julie said...

How sweet!

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