Saturday, April 10, 2010


We were supposed to go to the beach yesterday, but it was way too cold.  We thought we may try again today, but this is what you would find at our house…

IMG_9144 IMG_9143 IMG_9140

It is very unusual to find Trace just laying around (me however…), but of course there is a story there!  Trace had a headache this morning, so he was just chilling in the chair waiting on it to pass, when he told me to come sit with him for awhile.  Of course I took the opportunity to snuggle.  Well, a few minutes into our little chat, he throws up.

YEP!  All in my hair, my face, everywhere!  Talk about gross!  I couldn’t get to the shower fast enough.  I couldn’t even see about him!  After a good, LONG, hot shower, I come out to him cleaning up the mess.  I took over then and sent him on to the shower.  

After a good, long nap, all was well.  We laid out in the hammock for a little bit, then went for a four-wheeler ride.  Now he has gone to see about some things for the garden.   Turned out to be a pretty laid back day, after the truly grosses moment of our marriage!   


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Julie said...

Oh my......couldn't stomach that, I would have puked with him. We went to the beach yesterday and it was really nice. We were worried that it would be to cold but it wasn't. The kids even ventured to the water (ankle deep b/c I threatened their trip if they got deeper). Everyone got a little red... but as always it was worth it.

tara said...

Glad Tracy is feeling should have just come on out to the White Pines Spa and Resort...the pool temp has been 88 all week! :~)

Tracy said... gosh. My kid threw up on me last night several times and that I can take, but grown-up throw-up - might have been more than I could stomach! :)

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

I guess this is where those wedding vows "for better, for worse" come in! Poor Tracy I know he felt awful. Glad your day turned out okay after all.

sfennell said...

OMG...I guess he didn't see that coming! I'm glad he is feeling better.

KRZeigler said...

There are NO words!!!! I would have thrown up on him before I made it to the shower myself! UGH!!!

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