Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh yeah… it comes in a bottle…

Can you believe me of all people forgot to get my Valentine card made?  Well, when I did get them done I forgot to pick them up from Wal-Mart when I had to go in to work for a little while today.  Trace tells me all the time that the blond comes in a bottle and it’s not real.  Not sure EXACTLY what he is implying… may be safer for him that way… :) 

Not really my best work by far, which I readily admit.  Actually Matthew and Trace both said they didn’t like what I did with the picture (such critics around here); but I do hound them for their opinions all the time.  Then, of course, I just ignore them.  Okay, okay, I’ll try to do something cuter next time.  But, at least the subject is DANG CUTE!  No question about that!   I’m stuck on this photo technique and I LoVe It (as Heidi would say)! 

Valentine 2010


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tara said...

I will agree with is a cute pic of Matthew...he looks so grown-up in the pic...he must be looking for a girlfriend! :)

KRZeigler said...

Cute!!! And LoVe the blue tongue!! haha

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