Sunday, December 27, 2009

How exciting!

I am no Blogger or Photoshop Elements expert, but I have been using it for a long time.  So, I guess it is true as they say, "practice makes perfect."  I have a long way to go to being perfect, or even slightly good, but I do enjoy it.  After being asked how I do some things often enough, I decided I would do a little workshop to help all my girlfriends with their blogs, scrap projects, cards, headers, signature tags, etc.

Tara, being the sweet friend that she is, has said I can do the workshop at the Barn.  Not really sure on a time as of yet, but probably mid-morning.  It all really is going to depend on the number of people interested.

But, I have some really exciting news.  Katie at Just so Scrappy is going to let me give everyone who attends a digital kit to work with that day!  How cool is that?  Then, if you like what you discover you can do with PSE and her kits, I will be telling you about a special offer at the end of the workshop.  It is an amazing deal, I must add!!!

All you really need to attend is a laptop.  On the Adobe site, there is a free trial version of PSE 8 that you can download for the purposes of what we will be doing.  Then, if you like the program, you can always upgrade to the full program. 

I am so excited!  I hope some of you will be too!  :)  Just send me an email if you feel this is something you are interested in and will be available to attend.  If there is something specific you want to learn, please include it in the email.  That will give me a general idea of what I'll need to cover. 

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Julie said...

YEAH!!!! Count me in just let me know when!!!! Not sure of your email but mine is

sfennell said...

Okay, since I an out of town until Thursday does this mean I get private lessons? I wish I could be there.

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