Friday, December 18, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

I can't find just the right words... thank you doesn't even seem to come close to the gratitude and love I have for my friends.  Christmas came early and everyone just seems to know what Lissa loves!  This is just a few of the wonderful things that seem to scream Lissa ... and I am tHaNkFuL for everyone and LoVe everything.

I know I didn't post a picture of everything, but I love it all nonetheless! Matthew racked up (and he doesn't even go to my school anymore -- check out his blog for his overview).  Did I mention that Lanie even hooked Tracy up -- gotta love some Lanie!  When I gave him his gift from Wanda today, I told him that surely was very nice of Mrs. Smith to send him something; he proceeded to tell me that "they all just love me!"  Oh, that boy of mine!  Speaking of that boy, this is my view every few minutes, followed by, "is this one for me?" 


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tara said...

U mean u got all of that at school? Wow! U r loved!! It is all very cute and looks just like u! :~)

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