Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An elf visited and other stuff...

I had such a sweet surprise from the Griffin Elf!  Tara is soooo sweet to me and one of my "bestest" friends ever!

Mug says, "A true friend is a precious gift".

Happy 13th Birthday my little La La
(Now Charity has 2 teenagers)

And now...

We went to Statesboro for Matthew to use his gift cards.  He of course had to pick up a gun with some of his moola!  While over there, I finally got my eyes checked!  My vision is really good, but I have a stigmatism.  Which does require glass, but I only have to wear them for night driving and extended computer use.  They dilated my eyes and nothing wrong their either!  After almost $600, I was practically blind!!!  That included the eye exam and 3 pairs of glasses.  If you know me (yes, that is you Mrs. Main), I knew I better have a pair for home, school and the car.  After the shock wears off, maybe I'll be able to see a little better!

Tracy picked up a gingerbread house for them to make.  Michael gives Matthew one every year, but this year he hit his Daddy up about making his own.

Needless to say, this is what it looked like when they finished!  LOL!


3 comments left with ♥:

tara said...

WOW!! The gingerbread house looks great! I bet it tasted wonderful! LOL!! Make u some hot chocolate and have a piece of house with it!! :~)

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Okay... you just made me realize that it is too soon to try Gingerbread house building with Lj! Perhaps in another 10 years! LOL!


Goin_Coastal said...

A for effort!

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