Monday, December 7, 2009

9 Days

No, not 9 days 'til Christmas!  But rather until we are out for Christmas break!  LOL!

The virus has swept through the Sandhill house like wild madness.  All are over the virus, but are still feeling the effects in one way or the other.  Happy to be on the mend... hope this year doesn't prove to be rerun of last year!

I helped with Matthew's Christmas Carnival last week.  GMS had a good crowd, especially taking the weather into account.  I had fun at the photo booth.

You may have noticed that I am no longer doing Custom Signatures by Sands (or maybe not -- LOL).  But, it has gotten to be too much, going from signature request, to headers to backgrounds.  The amount of time it takes to create a custom blog just was more than I wanted to do (especially for people I don't even know).  Then somehow I got into cards -- by far my fav!  But, also time, time, time.  I didn't like the TiMe PrEsSuRe of it all.  I tried to do a 1 day turn a round, but wasn't always possible... Trying to keep all that stuff separated and messing around with my PayPal account, it just wasn't worth me stressing over it all.  I have a couple orders to finish up for Christmas.  Then, back to my mafia!  They miss me so.... {giggle}

I did make this one especially for Lanie's class project.  I am particular proud of it... she wanted something that could be boy or girl, so I made blue and pink backgrounds.   So cute (well, at least I think they are cute). 


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