Monday, November 30, 2009

My Boy...

My angel child (that loves to take pictures of himself)!

His train that Santa got him his very first Christmas,
but sadly, it stopped "choo-chooing" this year!
(Maybe Santa can bring him a new one...)

After making this for me, it was left under my Christmas tree.

 After he put it on the tree...

Tormenting me with one of his favorite indoor toys!

Learning some camera tricks
(painting love notes with the camera bulb)...

Left me this little note stuck in the dryer on how I
needed to finish up his clothes while he was at judo.

My devil child!

2 comments left with ♥:

tara said...

too funny!!!

Goin_Coastal said...

Another budding artist? LOL! Just wanted to say thanks again for "fixing" my blog... One day, I guess I'll figure it out. (Yeah, right).

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