Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jonathan David Hill

Jonathan David Hill
Congratulations to Michael & Charity Hill
6 lbs. 15oz.

Our #7
Andrew, Laura, Emily, Jacob, Bekah, Luke & Jonathan

I will have more pictures to come... being in Atlanta isn't working so well for me!  Jonathan must take after Jacob (hard-headed), because I told him to come Sunday... LOL!  I love me some Hillians and can't wait to get a hold of my new little nephew. 

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Tracy said...

He looks much bigger than 6.15.... :) Very cute and peaceful; I know you are a proud aunt again :)

Goin_Coastal said...

Lucky #7! He's beautiful! Give Charity a hug for me!

tara said...

He is so cute!! I agree with Tracy, he looks much bigger than 6.15...Congrats to you and the HillS!!

KRZeigler said...

I know you can't stand it being so far away!!! He's adorable!

HB Deal said...

SO PRECIOUS! He is so lucky to have you for an aunt! :)

Julie_3 said...

He did look much bigger in this pic. He is so sweet and tiny though. He is very blessed to have his Aunt Lissa... jsut like the rest of them! THey all think the world of you. :o)

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