Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home: Day 2

I have been home again today with the crude.  I had this same mess while in Atlanta, so I was thinking it is some type of virus we keep passing back and forth.  Tracy thinks I have a sinus infection... after thinking about it, I would have to say it makes sense.  I am prone to sinus infections anyway!  I'm going to the doc tomorrow to see...

While home, I played around with my photo obsession... I love me some PSE actions!  You know I'll snatch a photo off your site and play with it too... Sorry Heidi... but, it's your own fault... you take the cutest goshdangit pictures.  Just can't help myself!  I really, honestly, for real want to come over one afternoon and get a few clicks of Matthew.  You can get me a few pointers... with my $2500 camera, I still take photos like I was using a point and shoot... HELP ME HEIDI!

Here are a few I did with the guys...

Black and White






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Mom of the Hillians said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Love ya "MyLissa"!

HB Deal said...

OMG! Girl, your pics are awesome. I promise! I absolutely love what you have done with these. BTW~ I ordered an 11x14 of the last one you did of Coop! THANK YOU! Oh~ I would be more than happy to take some pics for you!!

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