Saturday, November 14, 2009

Child Labor

Not a lot going on around here, so I thought I would share a little about life around here...

A couple of years after we moved into our house Tracy decided to plant a few pecan trees.  Now we have over 60.  Of course only the first few are putting out any nuts, but we have several fully grown trees scattered around the property.  So, we really don't have enough to make it worth our while to have someone come pick them up.  That is where the child labor comes in to play -- Tracy had Matthew pick up the ones off the trees behind the house and got about 35 pounds of nuts for Melaine.   (Of course I buy mine b/c I don't want to pick them out once they get cracked -- LOL).  His next harvest will come from the trees down in the branch...  So, as Tara said, here is my LiTtLe NuT!

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I had lunch with Tara today.  It certainly was nice to have a little time to chat and catchup!  We'll have to do it more often! 

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tara said...

Thanks again!! I really needed some major girl time! I am surrounded by BOYS all the time! LOL!! I am on laundry load #5 right now...

KRZeigler said...

You can send some of that child labor over to Rogers' Rd. I've worked like a slave today!!!
As for my Where the Wild Things Wall - I don't have any use for the pictures I made and I don't know if Stacy will either - maybe we can get them and you can give them to Jacob.

Mom of the Hillians said...

See, Aunt Charity isn't the only one that uses child labor. LOL

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