Friday, October 23, 2009

Still counting...

Friends make up one of the colors in the rainbow! 

Let me just say that sweets are just one of the ways to my heart!  Heidi had me a little treat when I got home!  I put a call into my local GBI agent when she told me she left me a little treat so they could be rescued from Riley.  I just KNEW it was going to be some of those candy corn rice krispies she has been featuring on her blog.  Yum doesn't seem to cover it!  Matthew tried to inhale them!  Heidi, he put in his order for some made with caramel candy corn.  LOL! 

Thank you sooooo much Heidi!  You just made my week!  (I bet you make up the color pink in the rainbow!) 

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HB Deal said...

U R so welcome! :) I was scared your GBI agent was gonna come home and see me wandering in his yard! :) Maybe he wouldn't have gotten me. I am with Matthew. We will have to see about some caramel corn one soon.

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