Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Extra day...

When I got up this morning, we had no water.  Which wouldn't have been too bad if a) Tracy wouldn't have been out on a call since midnight and b) I wouldn't have went to bed with wet hair. 

By the time Tracy got home and got it fixed, it would have been cutting it close to make a half day.  So we went to Hinesville later in the afternoon and ran some errands that I had planned to do after school (since I was driving by myself and didn't have to rush home to get Matthew.  We had a very late lunch together.  Very nice day, all in all!


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Julie_3 said...

What was up with the water? Don't you just love when you need water and there is NONE?!
We feel your pain... One of the deep wells out here had been struck by lightening probably 4 times in the last twelve years!
Glad you had a good day with your hubby. :o)

tara said...

Are you sure you didn't go out there and turn the pump off?? LOL!! I know you just wanted one more day at home... :~)

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