Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

This is the conversation when I was making a lemon meringue pie this afternoon -
Matthew:  "Did someone have a baby?"
Me:  "No."
Matthew:  "Is someone sick?"
Me:  "No."
Matthew:  "Did someone die?"
Me:  "No."
Matthew:  "Well, why are you making a pie and who is it for?"
Me:  "Us."
Matthew:  "For real?  Cool!"

How sad is it that he thinks that when Mama is cooking, it's to go some place else.  Guess he didn't notice that I cooked every night (well, except one) this week... He is having chicken pot pie for dinner tonight (without veggies, of course)... yummmm! 

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sfennell said...

Okay...I am impressed. Look at the peaks on that pie! The queen of cheescake doesn't even make lemon pies. I showed David your post and he said....Them didn't look like Little Debbie's cakes! He said you had to of bought them. You never sease to amaze me.

tara said...

I have to agree with Susan...I am so impressed with u cooking every night this week except for maybe one, but who's counting!! Maybe u should bake one of those pies for our meeting this week!!

KRZeigler said...

Mama had a lemon meringue pie today at lunch! Will you be bringing some of yours to school to share? Looks like I see a pecan pie too! Is that Faye's recipe? One of my favs!

John and Dell said...

HAHAHAHAHA - that is sooooo funny!!! You can tell that this is a family born and raised in the SOUTH!!!!! Looks very YUMMY!!!

Mom of the Hillians said...

Lissa, my kids do the same thing when I make fudge, krispy treats, or some kind of pie for home. And, I won't tell Mike that you made a lemon meringue. :o)

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