Friday, August 7, 2009

What a week

I thought I was tired last week, well it was nothing compared to this week. Having Matthew back in school too has just about killed me. He is already in trouble with us for forgetting his homework not once, but twice. Yesterday he forgot it. He didn't get in trouble, since it was the first time this year. Trace just took him to school early this morning for him to do it during homeroom. Well, he "forgot" it again today. (We won't even go into my thoughts of homework on the weekends.) His Daddy left work to come home and get him to carry him back to school to get it out of his locker. He was unable to get his locker open, but luckily Teresa was still there and kind enough to go all the way back to her room to get a key to open the lock for them.

Lets just say Matthew is serving time. And in the condition of his room and playroom, he is not likely to be paroled anytime soon.

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Goin_Coastal said...

Lord! It's gonna be a long year ~

Tracy said...

I'm feeling your pain!

Mom of the Hillians said...

Yeah, I can relate. Andrew and Laura are always forgetting their homework at school too. LOL

KRZeigler said...

It's only just many more days??? 178 for us and least Matty Matt has us beat by three days!

Julie_3 said...

Hey Melissa, I have the same problem as Charity. My kids leave their homework in their bedrooms!
We really do the homework that Abeka requires. My kids hate it, they are always telling me that life is not fair, here we are at home doing school, then we get finished and I give them homework.
Maybe Matthew will get back into the swing of things this wek.

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