Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Say cheese!

We went to the orthodontist today, Dr. Fortson to be exact. He was extremely nice and related well with my little bundle of joy (which is saying a lot). To be frank, I was confused pretty much the whole time. He spoke to us in what seemed to be orthodontic terms. It sounded like we were not going to need to do anything right now, but all he wanted to do was get his "records." I thought that meant calling up Dr. Wasdin (Matthew's pediatric dentist) and having them sent over. Easy, right? NOT! Getting "records" is rather intensive I found out. We will go back next Wednesday for dental impressions (set in wax), a panoramic x-ray (a two-dimensional x-ray that shows both the upper and lower jaws and teeth in the same film), a cephalometric x-ray (side profile), and intraoral (inside the mouth) and extraoral (outside the mouth) photos of his teeth and face. Dr. Fortson was already able to tell that his lower jaw is growing a little sideways, but doesn't think that will be something he will want to fix. His main concern is an eye tooth coming in on the right side. There doesn't seem to be enough room for it at this time.

Once the records are complete, Tracy and I will have a consultation with Dr. Fortson to see exactly what needs to be done to best benefit Matthew. Hopefully, he won't need braces. But, if he does, maybe he won't have to wear them very long. Please keep him and this situation in your prayers. I know it isn't such a big deal, but it is to Matthew. Those of you that know him, know he is already stressing out about it! I feel so sorry for him... he said, "first glasses and now braces!" LOL!


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HB Deal said...

LOVE your new look. I hope Matthew doesn't have to have braces. :) I want them SO bad. LOL I never had them and need them now.

tdeloach said...

Dr. Fortson is who we saw. Poor T has a mouth like his daddy. His bottom jaw is not growing at the same pace as his top, but his top teeth do not have the room needed to come in... on and on. We will have to take a second mortgage to get that boys mouth girlfriend ready :) I guess we do have about 20 more years to save up (I wish)!

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