Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breakfast in the PM

On Mondays and Thursdays when the guys have judo, we usually have sandwiches or something quick. They don't like to eat before they go and then too hot when they get home. However, Matthew had dinner planned for us. He checked to see what he would need and then sent his Daddy an email to pick up the needed items on his way home. When he got back from judo tonight, he fixed us all "breakfast." It was so good! But, boy does he have a mess to clean up in there!

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John and Dell said...

YUMMMMMMYYYYY!!! We LOVE breakfast for dinner, but around here it is usually pancakes!!!!! GO MATTHEW!!!! Can't wait for mine to get old enough to plan dinner!!! :)

Tracy said...

Man, how wonderful would that be.....not the mess, but the food!! :)

Goin_Coastal said...

You go, Lissa! Train him up right! Call us over sometine & he can cook for us, too. LOL!

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