Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sinus and injury

I have had a hard spell with my sinuses this year. After being up most of the night sick from all the drainage, guess I will have to bite the bullet and go back on my medicines. Errrr...

Matthew finally talked me into getting into the pool (my first dip of the year) and wouldn't you know that I would be attacked by a float! Somehow one of our spring floats had gotten torn and part of metal had come out... guess who it cut! A nice 3+ inch cut on my leg. Hurts like I was stabbed. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it did hurt like heck.

The guys are at judo, so it is sooo peaceful without Mr. Motor Mouth! I am going to enjoy my few hours of freedom... Tara when are u rescuing me? I do have to cook before they get back; why oh why did I open my big mouth and say I would?
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skeyfauver said...

Don't you know pools are need one of them cute life guards to protect you from danger. If he cleans house and cooks, then he doesn't even have to be cute:0)

sfennell said...

OMG, that cut looks like it hurts. I did the same thing recently but it was the wire in my bra. I didn't realize it was poking out and I went to put my bra on and slit my side open.

Julie_3 said...

OUCH! That is gonna be painful for a few days.
*LOL* @ Samantha, I agree!

tgriffin said...

What about next Wednesday?? I will call you when we get back from the big Space Shuttle launch. We will be back Sunday, so I will giv eyou a jingle on Monday. Hope that boo-boo feels better...put a band-aid on it and everything will be A-OKay!! LOL!!:)

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