Monday, June 22, 2009

Look Wanda, Matthew is making a Lexi face!

I have been TRYING to organize our family pictures; but it is slow going (I have over 2000 files remaining to go through). I just get so tickled looking at Matthew's baby pictures. Do exercise some pey-shuh-ns, because I just can't help myself -- I will HAVE to share them.
As we were looking through some today, Matthew kept getting himself confused with Andrew. All the Hill kiddos look alike, but those two especially favor.
Boy, has digital camera quality improved or what?

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Wanda and Geoff said...

LOL! Yes he is!!!! I can't believe how little he was in the pictures! He's growing up to fast! 2000 files???? Girl... we need to go go digial rehab together!


tgriffin said...

That is going to be one of my things to do next summer...organize all of my pics. I put over 1500 on my external HD yesterday, but since I have to do my school work, I guess I will put this task off until next summer!! Let us know of any tips that you have! :)

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