Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting to know your friends ~ Day 2

What is your favorite guilty pleasure; something you love to do when you have time to yourself?

I would have to say mine is reading. But, do understand that I don't like to be interrupted when I am reading a good book. I can sit there all day and into the night with some Jeffery Deaver or Stuart Woods. (Followed up by blogging as a close second! LOL!)

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tdeloach said...

I'm a reader, to the point that it makes David so mad. I try to assure him that I can listen and read at the same time. He's not convinced! I don't start a book unless I know I can finish.

Julie_3 said...

I love reading a good book, but like ya'll I cannot stand to be asked to do anything whilst trying to enjoy a book!

I also LOVE coffee... different creamers are GREAT!

Teresa a.k.a. B n Z's Mom said...

Is it bad if you have several guilty pleasures?? :-) I too love to read...but I also enjoy scrabble and facebook...however, my favs are either a diet coke or coffee. At least I diversify! :-)

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