Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Jay ~ For all he has given...

Out of Service
by: mhsands

Flashing lights as far as the eye can see,
Showing respect to the tenth degree.
White gloves on their hands,
And badges covered by black bands.

An Honor Guard sounds a 21-gun salute,
The flag is folded and given as tribute.
Bagpipes play and no other sound.
And then the coffin lowered in the ground.

Boys dream of becoming a cop.
A dream they chase and cannot stop.
Starting at a very early age,
They know the part they must play on life's stage.

They walk the beat each day,
With a badge and all it can convey.
To be able to wear that shirt of Blue,
The heart must be proud and true.

The brotherhood of the Blue,
Now showing the Thin Blue Line is true.
Solidarity can be seen in every face on this day.
As they close their eyes to pray.

The radio sends out unanswered calls,
As tears streamed down the faces of all.
Then the final inspection is heard here and in heaven,
As dispatch proclaims the officer 10-7.

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