Monday, June 15, 2009

Dr. Rittmeyer

Matthew went to see Dr. Rittmeyer in Savannah today. Let me just say he truly rocks as a doctor! He wants me to take Matthew off all of his reflux medicine and monitor him. He seems to think Matthew's problems all stem from stress. Which is true. He has more trouble when he is freaking out (which those of you that know Matthew, know this is pretty much a daily issue)! He wants him to have fresh fruit several times a week and begin conscientiously thinking about what is happening in that moment in time when his stomach starts hurting. It is usually when getting ready for school, doctor appointments and all the other things he hates. Then make an effort to calm himself and go from there.

Matthew lost it when he started asking him about his "pooppies." He thought it was hilarious that a doctor was interested in such things. He told Matthew that he would be a much happier kid if he started using the bathroom everyday. Not to be out done, Matthew tells him that he would be much happier if he wasn't going to get stuck today (he has been worrying himself silly over the possibility of having blood drawn). At this point the doctor falls out laughing and assured him that he wouldn't be sticking him today. Matthew goes on to say it didn't make sense to be hurt to feel better. More questions followed about his "#2" routine. But, he wouldn't answer the questions concerning this matter. After he reigned himself back in, they continued talking about something. Tracy and I were talking to the intern and didn't get the just of what was being said between the two. But, the next sentence got our attention. "I really like margaritas." Hold on, stop the presses. My child just told the doctor that he drinks margaritas. Tracy and I are dying about right now. No, Matthew has never had a margarita or any drink for that matter (seeing how his parents don't drink). After I got a handle on what was actually being said, I told Dr. Rittmeyer that explained a lot. A alcoholic child is bound to have stomach issues! Oh my... maybe he is really a Wilson! :)

We made it back just in time for judo!

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Kylie said...

WHAT!?!? You crackin' on me?? LOL.

I really hope he gets better soon...that's really miserable. It's not like you can control what stresses you out!

John and Dell said...

THIS WAS SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!! Matthew is too much - I would have DIED if I was sitting there!!! How do you handle it????? Hope all will work out...get to pooping!!!! :)

PS...I might need some help with my blog...all my "stuff" fell to the bottom and Tracy the Blog Queen can't figure it out either!!! And how do you make those signatures??? :)

mhsands said...

Dell - I make the sig tags in PSE... tell me something u like and I'll make u 1 2. I'd have to login as u to see what is up with the layout... may just need the code reset. U can email me ur login if u want me to look at it 4 u.

tgriffin said...

Glad to hear that everything went well with Matthew. You need to start giving him milk instead of magaritas at supper time. LOL!! :)

KRZeigler said...

Margaritas....? Hmmmm, remember the wine cooler too. LOL! Where does Matty Matt come up with this? Hope his tummy is better soon and he learns to calm himself without stress. Maybe he should start meditating.

Julie_3 said...

OMG, you are killin me! I could surely see Garret doing this to me! I would have DIED!!!!!!

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